Yes, It’s A Thing: Dubai Circus School

Yes, It’s A Thing: Dubai Circus School

While many may claim to know that the Dubai Circus School is quite obviously a thing after spending the afternoon at Blue Marin, you’d be wrong; that’s Clown School. This is something different.

Dubai Circus School offers kids and adults in Dubai the chance to learn some of the artistry and techniques involved in the work of proper circus performers, such as trapeze artists and acrobats. There isn’t even a custard pie in sight.

You might be thinking this is all a bit bizarre? But as well as engaging the mind and being fascinating to learn, Circus School is fun, it’s engaging, and it’s great for recreation and fitness. So each time you’re on that sad old treadmill, think about what you could be doing instead.

It’s not easy to learn acrobatics or aerial arts, whereas at least 75% of Dubai’s residents would be able to get to grips with a treadmill, so as well as getting a good cardio workout, you also get the sense of achievement from perfecting an actual real life skill.


The acrobatics classes are particularly popular, with people especially keen on learning to get good at trampolining. As well as this, you can learn to do all kinds of flips and rolls, as well as hand balancing.

Aerial Artistry

This is probably the scariest part of it all, but also the most adventurous. The trapeze and the aerial hoops may sound a bit daunting, but don’t worry you’re not suspended from the roof of some Big Top 50ft up. It’s a bit safer than that.


Is juggling cool? I don’t know, but when you see people do it, you kind of wish you could do it as well. That’s all I know. Learning hand to eye coordination is pretty useful for other stuff too, like eating and picking stuff up.

All classes start from Dh80, and you can go to their website now to see the availability for the next classes. Could be something interesting to try with a few friends or whatever. Why not?

The Dubai Circus School is currently on a summer break due to refurbishment at Safa Private School where it is held, but it should be returning soon. Keep tabs on the progress on their Facebook page

Location: Safa Private School, Al Quoz


Open: 5:30pm – 7pm Sunday to Thursday & 11:30am – 1pm on Saturday